Here’s What A Super Healthy Relationship Looks Like

Wondering if your relationship can stand the test of time or worry that it’s going nowhere? When you examine the things successful couples do and don’t do, you can get a feel for how things might turn out.

Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like in different situations. Remember, that all couples have their ups and downs, but healthy relationships tend to weather just about any storm imaginable.

Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like in regard to communication:

Couples that pull off the “long haul” together tend to do very well in regards to communication. While they may not have deep conversations all the time, they do open up and share feelings, needs, wants and desires.

Healthy couples understand the need for give-and-take in communication. They allow one partner to speak while the other actually listens. There is a sense of security in communication and both parties feel “safe” sharing their inner thoughts.

For a really healthy couple, communication is an absolute must. They have learned how to share, discuss and even compromise.

Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like during a fight:

Even the healthiest relationships have patches where things just don’t go right. Couples can and do argue and they may even fight. Disputes are very healthy for relationships – if they are handled correctly.

When arguments or fights happen, a strong couple will handle the problem as quickly as possible. If tempers are high, they will cool off for a time and come back together to solve the concern. Rather than drag out every grievance, name call and shut down, healthy couples: More details please visit:-

* Try to talk through their disputes
* Give each other a chance to speak
* Listen to each other
* Approach “hot topics” with respect for each other
* Refrain from name calling
* Choose to work together to find a solution
* Are willing to compromise
* Are willing to agree to disagree when compromise isn’t feasible

Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like in the bedroom:

Intimate relations are important to couples. Sex is not only a pleasurable pursuit, but a way of connecting, sharing and feeling closer and loved. Healthy couples work together to meet each other’s needs, are willing to talk about desires and never push each other beyond the limits of comfort or trust.

Healthy couples often have better sex because they are willing to work together to make their time behind closed doors more special, exciting and fulfilling.

A good relationship isn’t all about sex, but it does play a big role. Making this time together special can strengthen the bonds that tie.

Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like when it comes to hobbies and interests:

Healthy couples do tend to spend a lot of time together, but not too much. Couples who have developed trust, understanding and respect, also understand the need for “me time.”

Strong couples get that way together and also by pursuing interests apart. Each person in the team works hard within the relationship and to develop who they are as an individual. While couples are supposed to come together as “one,” the pieces have to be healthy on their own for a good fit to be made.

With this in mind, many couples simply support each other in their careers, hobbies and personal interests. It is not necessary to be joined at the hip to have a healthy, enjoyable and rewarding relationship. In fact, too much together time can become suffocating.

Do you and your partner work together, enjoy time apart, trust each other and value y

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