Some Good News Re the Covid Vius

At last I can say there is some good news re Covid. Not only are the death rates and hospital admissions falling, There is some hope with the trials of a vaccine and a drug is helping the severely ill. On a personal level I am delighted to say the gruelling post viral fatigue that many virus sufferers are experiencing, does eventually go.

In my case I appeared to have the virus just before the lockdown in March. At that time there were no test and little help or information. I had all the known symptoms plus many more. After the initial week I seemed to improve and then suffered several set-backs where I felt drained of energy and unwell.

After three months I can now say I have my mojo back my energy is returning and I feel happier and more in control of my life.

Despite being in the older age group and a carer for an elderly mother I also have a lung condition which, too late, put me into shielding. However I’m pleased to say the attack was reasonably mild, I was lucky I didn’t become hospitalized also mum didn’t catch the virus, despite us being in close proximity. More details please visit:-

Things that may have helped us, we have been taking multi vitamins and minerals plus garlic tablets, supposed to help fight viruses, since Christmas. Vapour rub to my chest also helped the feeling of breathlessness which at first made it difficult to walk across the room without feeling breathless.

But it does get better, so all those getting despondent with their progress stay positive. Three month later I can feel the difference. Flax seed oil capsules also seemed to give me more energy during the last couple of weeks.

Belief in your recovery, affirmations and using the power of your mind with positive thoughts to improve your situation really does work and makes you feel better. There are many helpful books.

These are some I found helpful:-

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ by Susan Jeffers PhD

‘The Power of Your subconscious Mind’ by Dr Joseph Murphy

‘Think and Heal’ by Professor Kirt Teppervein

‘Who am I’ a great website you may like to take a look at.

The isolation and loneliness of the last few months has been a nightmare for many especially those alone and shielding, and those missing their loved ones in hospital and unable to visit. However we are starting to gently emerge from the crisis as long as we stay vigilant and follow the rules and recommendations, the situation will continue to improve.

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