How Watching the News CAN Help Change the World

So because I don’t watch the news, I had no idea what was happening in Chile. My Mom sent me an email about the miracle she was witnessing as the first miner was being saved and pulled up from the mine. She told me how people all over the world were praying and hoping for the 33 men trapped underground for 68 days. I had no idea! So I decided to tune in and couldn’t believe what I was watching. I immediately sent out a prayer for love and healing to all of the miners who had been trapped, their families, and also the workers who have been working so hard at saving these men.

This is a prime example of how we can make a difference on a larger scale. From a physics perspective, we are all energy and like energy attracts like energy. Our thoughts are energy and they determine our physical reality (also energy). For those of you who have seen the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”, will remember the experiment conducted by Dr. Emoto. He basically did a study on the effects of thoughts and intentions on water. The water samples that received positive and loving thoughts, intentions and music turned into crystal. The samples that did not receive this treatment did not turn into crystal. I highly recommend watching the movie if you haven’t yet. It’s basically the physics behind what you saw in the movie the Secret. More details please

These types of studies and experiments show how powerful our thoughts can be. Think about how much we can help ourselves AND other people. Sending love, and positive thoughts and intentions can make a bug impact, especially if we’re ALL doing it. Wow, what a lot of energy that would be! It’s important to be aware of what is happening in the world, as we absolutely can help to make a difference. I still think it’s okay to limit how much you tune into the news, as it definitely does seem to have a “fear based” theme to it. When you do hear about something awful, like a murder, etc. send everyone involved love and light and move on. It’s important not to get caught up in the drama of it all and become fear based yourself. This will put you at a lower vibration and will be hard for you to create positive things in your life. Therefore, the best message I can give you is to stay positive and send loving energy to the people that can use it, and then carry on with your life. This will enable you to help and stay positive at the same time. Think about how much everyone’s compassion and loving energy actually helped the miners and workers in Chile:)

Really stop and take a minute to think about what this means for your life. You are powerful and capable of so many amazing things. It all starts with you. Send yourself, your friends and family some loving thoughts. This in turn ripples out to more and more people., as the people you do this for will feel better and in turn have a more positive impact on the people they are in contact with. This is also a great strategy for when you are encountered with someone who is not being very ice. Send them some positive energy and watch how they change!

Have fun becoming a positive catalyst for change in the world…world peace anyone?

Chrissy Atley is a certified personal success coach and founder of Total Harmony Coaching. Chrissy works with entrepreneurs to help them get focused and see results in order to start living a freedom-based life. Through her workshops, coaching programs and products, Chrissy shows her clients how to experience less stress, more success and a business they love. Based on Chrissy’s life experiences and business training, she uses a unique system that teaches entrepreneurs how to set-up their businesses for success (on the inside AND outside) and implement success strategies, in order to increase their income and run a business that is built on solid ground that will support their growth.

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