Making Money Via Facebook – The Bad And The Good News!

Facebook is incredibly powerful and amazingly attractive place! All of your friends and their up-to-the-minute gossips are there, waiting for you to show up! With the habitual cup of coffee on your desk and some cookies beside, with your favorite song playing on the radio, the Fiesta is one click away and you can jump in whenever you like. It is quite amazing and exciting but we are here to talk business! Is it really possible to make money on Facebook? 

The Arena

We are spending countless hours on Facebook and we need somebody to pay for all those cookies and for the coffee, as well! The size of this community is colossal and it shouldn’t be difficult to make money on Facebook because large communities always generate big markets.

However, all those people are not in the same room at the same time. Although, everybody seems to forget that! You have to build very strong marketing structure and you have to spend some time, if you want to achieve any kind of success. Similar to fishing, you need some skills and proper bait. More details please

The Bad News

The most shared advice is to create your own Fan Page or to establish some kind of Group. People are attracted to this concept because it looks very obvious and it’s free! And more, you can set them both in no time at all.

The reality is different! Making money online via Facebook Fan Pages or Facebook Groups is very difficult! Fan Pages are much more appropriate for celebrities and for big brands. On the other hand, Facebook Groups are similar to Google Forums but at the same time, they have very limited base.

You can use those attributes for additional promotion but don’t count too much on some friends of your friends. Facebook is their meeting point, not your open market! You can make money on Facebook but your success depends on your approach. 

The Good News

Prepare your budget and use your imagination to create some nice advertisements about your product! On the home page of your Facebook account click create an ad. Once you are there, upload your advert and pay for that particular campaign. A selection of Facebook users will see your billboard and some of them will buy.

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