3 Indications That You’re Old News

If you’re like a lot of women, you may be dating a guy and things are going well… at first. You still like him but you aren’t sure if he still likes you the same way. So, is he still with you or has he gone on to seek his love somewhere else? It’s easy to tell if a guy is still interested in you or not. Unlike us, guys are more direct so knowing if he still wants you or has moved on is pretty easy to see. Still, if you’re having trouble, read on to learn the three tell-tale signs that you’re old news.

No New Messages

When you first started dating, he’d call you pretty regularly, right? Have you noticed that your phone hasn’t been ringing as much lately, at least not from him? Well, unless you know him to be working tons of overtime trying to move up at his job, then this is the first sign that you are in his past now. Regardless of how tied up he is with whatever is going on in his life, if you mean something to him, he will call you, text you, or get in contact with you in some way.

Sorry, Some Other Time

Perhaps the communication lines are still open, but now instead of getting together like you used to do, for some reason he just can’t find the time to meet up with you. Every time the two of you arrange to get together, he has to back out for some reason. Is it just bad luck that you two just can’t seem to get together anymore? Possibly, but more likely is the fact that he just doesn’t want to. When a man really likes you, he will take steps to break or reschedule his plans that aren’t too important just to be with you. Two down, one to go. More details please visit:-https://businesstag.org/ https://usaprimemagazine.com/ https://newsstolen.com/ https://newstimesusa.com/ http://www.inspirebulletin.com/ https://www.governmentofcanadajobs.com

No Lovey-Dovey

At first the intimacy was all there. He’d wrap his arms around you, kiss you tenderly, and depending on how far the contact of the relationship went, the sex was wonderful. Lately, he’s acting as if you have the plague. He won’t touch you or kiss you anymore, and may even go so far as to avoid physical contact altogether. What does remain seems as warm as being naked in the snow. So, have you been feeling more like a leper than a lover? If you have, then the most likely explanation is he’s done with you.

Now you know three sure signs he’s finished with you. Although guys are more direct than we are, it would still be nice if a man wasn’t interested anymore that he would just say so. It could be because of a misguided attempt to spare your feelings, or it could be plain and simple cowardice. Regardless of the reason behind it, if you’ve been seeing one or more of these signs from your man, then sorry to say he’s not your man anymore. Time to move on with your life, seeking a man who is interested in you and will stay that way.

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