We Have Here Wonderful News From a Written Text But it is Much More Than a Written Text!

It is not every day we hear good news that is exciting and thrilling but here in this rather neglected document we read of something really worth knowing.

I am referring to that letter to the Hebrew Christians or the very first Messianic Jews and specifically to Hebrews Chapter 4 and verse 12 where we read something wonderful about the Word of God.

There are many Jews in various places coming to see that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah and it is being said that that might be one sign of the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ being very near. More details please visit:-https://www.residens-ejendomme.dk/ https://feerie-gym.com/

God’s Word has a way of penetrating our hearts and minds. It will uncover all areas of unbelief. The Word is alive. It is active. It is like yeast, in as much as it will go on working when we think it is no longer working and perhaps. It goes to work in the middle of a service, or in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the week.

It has a holy pure active life about it, which we will never fully understand.

The double edged sword of the Roman soldier was a very sharp weapon. Today, we might use the word scalpel because that is exactly what it does. It penetrates, pierces, and divides. It judges our thoughts and attitudes and hearts. This Word is active. It is activated by the Holy Spirit.

The Word goes right in there and deals with situations, problems, weaknesses, and even matters which we try to hide and cover up, but nothing can be hidden, and that is good.

Have it all covered up now by the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. Have any issue dealt with and cleaned up. God sees it all anyway.

One day, we are going to have to appear before Him and give account, whether people believe it or not, or think it is a good thing or not, or whether they agree with it or not. It will happen just as the Bible teaches.

We can settle what needs to be settled. We can pay what needs to be paid, especially spiritually speaking. We can have any debts of sin forgiven. If only people knew and understood what was being offered through the Scriptures but not only through the Scriptures, as we now see.

But it is not just the written Word here which is referred to but also Jesus Christ, the risen and living and ascended Word. It is only very recently that all this has become so clear to me.

In its original scenario, this is a reference to our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God made flesh. It is a reference to the person of Jesus and that must have been what those early Jewish believers must have thought when they read that phrase in this letter.

He is living and alive and Jesus can do all that the written word can do and much more.

The Word of God can go to work within a man unravelling the knots and resolving difficulties and problems. We have a most wonderful God who works and moves in the most wonderful ways. Get to know Him as intimately as you can!

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