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Nice One! Finding this article indicates you’re probably thinking about your future, and if it’s re-training you’re considering that means you’ve taken it further than most. It’s a frightening thought that a small minority of us describe ourselves as contented at work – but the majority will just put up with it. Why don’t you break free and make a start – think about how you could enjoy Monday mornings.

We recommend you seek advice first – talk to a knowledgeable person; a guide who can really get to know you and find the best job role for you, and offer only the training programs you may be suited to:

* Do you want to interact with other people? If you say yes, are you a team player or are you more comfortable dealing with strangers? Alternatively, do you like to deal with your responsibilities alone?
* The banks and building sector are a little shaky these days, so which industry will be best for you?
* Having completed your retraining, would you like this skill to serve you till you retire?
* Would it be useful for the course you’re re-training in to be in a market sector where you’re comfortable your chances of gainful employment are high up to retirement age?

Consider the IT sector, that will be time well spent – it’s one of the only market sectors still on the grow in this country and overseas. Salaries are also more generous than most. Including examination fees as an inclusive element of the package price and offering an ‘Exam Guarantee’ is common for a good many training companies. However, let’s consider what’s really going on:

They’ve allowed costings for it by some means. You can be assured it’s not a freebie – it’s simply been shoe-horned into the price as a whole. People who take exams one at a time, paying as they go are in a much stronger position to qualify at the first attempt. They’re conscious of what they’ve paid and take the necessary steps to ensure they are ready.

Doesn’t it make more sense to go for the best offer when you’re ready, rather than coughing up months or even a year or two in advance to the training college, and to take it closer to home – rather than possibly hours away from your area? Buying a course that includes payments for examinations (and if you’re financing your study there’ll be interest on that) is a false economy. Don’t line companies bank accounts with additional funds simply to help their cash-flow! Some will be pinning their hopes on the fact that you don’t even take them all – then they’ll keep the extra money. The majority of organisations will insist on pre-tests and hold you back from re-takes until you’ve proven conclusively that you can pass – which actually leaves you with no guarantee at all.

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