Wall Street to Main Street: News, Views and Commentary: April 10, 2006

t’s Monday April 10, 2006, and this weekend Tiger Woods fell short of getting another Green Jacket as he came in three strokes behind Phil Mickelson, so last years champion became this years presenter as Woods graciously put the Green Jacket on Mickelson.

Earnings season is here again, companies of note that are on tap to report today are Alcoa, Inc (NYSE: AA) they have a conference call set for 5pm today to discuss earnings, Abbot Labs (NYSE: ABT) the estimate is $ .572 compared to an EPS of 58 cents a year ago, CKE Restaurants (NYSE: CKR) the estimate is $0.178 compared to an EPS of 12 cents a year ago, Cascade Corp (NYSE: CAE) the estimate is $0.693 compared to an EPS of 37 cents a year ago, Genetech, Inc (NYSE: DNA) the estimate is $0.413 compared to an EPS of 29 cents a year ago, Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD) the estimate is $0.024 compared to an EPS of 6 cents a year ago, Shaw Group, Inc (NYSE: SGR) the estimate is $0.369 compared to an EPS of 15 cents a year ago, Topps Company (NASDAQ: TOPP) the estimate is $0.043 compared to an EPS of 1 cent a year ago.

We’ll list the companies of note that are reporting this week as their hits and misses may have some effect on their sectors. More details please visit:-https://researchsnipers.com/ https://auroson.net/ https://entrepreneursnews.org/

Lehman Brothers

Now one of the companies that we hold in high regard on the NAMC Newswire is Lehman Brothers (NYSE: LEH), the board of directors of the company recently approved a 2 for 1 stock split. The additional shares will be issued as a stock dividend and payable to shareholders of record as of April 18, 2006, it will be issued on or about April 28, 2006. This will bring the number of shares outstanding to approximately 538 million. Even after a split Lehman will still have legs as mergers and acquisitions will continue in 2006. This holds true for another company that we hold in high regard, Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), a company that should be trading a lot higher than $161.00.

Our outlook on Lehman Brothers for 2006 is the stock trading between $90.00 and $100.00 post split.

The National Show

The U.S Cable industry is gathering this week in Atlanta, Georgia as the National Show kicks off, an event that is sponsored by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. Now you would think that only companies like Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), Comcast Cable (NASDAQ: CMCSA), and Cablevision Systems (NYSE: CVC) would be presenting and you would be very wrong. It’s not just about cable television any longer, it’s about the triple play, TV, Voice and Internet.

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