How to Oil Your 11.5 Clay Poker Chips

Have you been wondering how to oil your 11.5 Clay Poker Chips? If so, you are in for a quick lesson in this how-to guide. By taking part in the oiling process, you are going about the process of renewing your Clay Poker Chips. It is likely that your chip set has been handled and played with quite a bit. By oiling them, you are actually providing a new level of strength, as well as a new appearance overall.

Step 1:

The first step to oiling your 11.5 Clay Poker Chips is to ensure that you are working with a poker chip set that is composed of clay that is considered to be genuine. If you have a Paulson set or similar type of set that has been created through the use of molds that are compressed, betgratis it is likely that oil will benefit your chips. It is important to understand that the clay ingredient naturally absorbs the oil that you will use on the chips. This means that poker chips created from materials such as plastic and even various types of ceramics will not benefit from the use of oils.

Step 2:

The next step to oiling 11.5 Clay Poker Chips is to choose the right type of oil for the job. Most Poker Professionals agree that one should only implement the use of standard mineral oil. The reason for this is that mineral oil will not “spoil” much like other types of oils do. The minerals in the oil allow it to remain fresh, therefore not staining or resulting in a particular odor on the Clay Poker Chips Set that you are attempting to beautify. It is important to avoid using any type of oil that is used in cooking. These types of oils can actually harm the chips that you are working with.

Step 3:

Now that you have the mineral oil, it is time to start the process of oiling the chips. You will need to place a small amount of the oil on a paper towel, or a soft cloth. Once this is done, you will simply work on rubbing the oil in on the chips, ensuring that every area of the chip is covered. This can be time consuming. Many individuals will elect to take a container, pour the mineral oil in, and allow the Clay Poker Chips to sit in the oil to soak. The choice is up to you. If you need the chips to dry quickly, the first strategy with the paper towel is likely to be the most effective.

Step 4:

Once the chips have received the proper amount of oiling, you can start the drying process. This is relatively easy. All you have to do is take a towel or cloth that is composed of cotton and wipe them down. Once you have done this, you may lay them out in a location that is room temperature to continue drying. It is important that after about an hour or so that you flip the chips. Before laying the side down that has been face up, be sure to wipe it down with a towel so that any free flowing oil does not embed itself back in the chip.


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