How Is Web 2.0 (3.0 by Now) Changing Consumers Behavior

The statement that ‘companies are no longer in control of their message’ refers to the old methods of marketing that were based on one-way messages or interruption marketing. Marketing previously existed solely as in one dimensional and uni-directional conversation with the companies telling the customers explicitly why they need their products and why the customer UniMediaWeb could not live without their products through methods that included sly marketing practices and subliminal messages. Many of the biggest companies have been successful in using subliminal messages to provoke consumers to crave their products. For a visual display, see the link at the end of the article.

Before social media and web 3.0, renabyggsystem customers did not have the kind of venues where they could express their displeasure or satisfaction with the companies they patronized. It was typically done through word of mouth or if a customer had a real gripe the most they could do was rant and rave and make a scene at the customer service desk, but ultimately there was no immediate concern of major fallout from one disgruntled customer. Today, however, that is the opposite. One well-timed, well-placed derogatory review can pick up speed as a snowball turned into an avalanche. With powerful mediums like Facebook, fotballrevyen Twitter, and blogs, that same disgruntled customer can become the catalyst for a powerful movement against a company. According to MLM marketing guru, Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring, traditional marketing has become devoid of the true marketing power that it once possessed. Even in Network Marketing, also known as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), the traditional methods of broadcasting the company’s message by word of mouth have become irrelevant in the pool of noise and advertising clutter. lofotenbirding

For example, what do we typically do when we are watching a recorded episode of our favorite TV show? Usually, the commercials are fast-forwarded or a great time to refresh the snacks. In his book, MLM Traffic Formula, Mike explains how “before the Internet, organizations, and companies were protected by an information ‘buffer zone’ which shielded them from the onslaught of people, opinions, competitors, stinessystue and ads”. Those days are long gone. Instead of controlling the flow of information, companies must harness and use this information proactively. They must now have an open conversation with the customer. The flow of information is now a matter of giving and taking. Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring brand is now a perfect example of this. The marketing program hooks the prospective customer by giving them the high-value information that they are seeking for free in the form of a 7-day boot camp that explains effective Internet marketing for network marketers in exchange for the customer’s name, email, and phone number. The genius behind this type of marketing concept is that Mike is not just building rapport with the prospect, but he’s also building a customer list and carrying each prospect through an automatic sales funnel system.

This system allows customers to choose the direction they wish to go, whether it’s the purchase of a marketing eBook or the complete system. This system is made up of cyber robots, also known as capture pages, and autoresponders that seem to be talking directly to each customer and carry on the conversations as if Mike is specifically talking to each person. Even the emails are personalized with the information originally captured in the giveaway of the boot camp. Now, this process is the new generation of Internet marketing and it is powerful.


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