Celebrity Homestyles – Candice Bergen

Emmy award-winning actress Candice Bergen easily transplanted her West Coast casualness into a home she shares with her husband Marshall Rose in East Hampton. Transporting her easy interior design look into this handsome shingle-style home sited on lush ample grounds took some adaptation from both the architect and Mr. Rose ringkollenparken who had a long history agnesblog with the home. When Bergen came into Rose’s life, rosaroyse the bones of their country home were stark and the living spaces were divided into a formal plan. With help from a noted urban interior designer, Bergen accomplished her goal of lightening, harmonizing, and relaxing, what is still a “statement house.”

Long covered verandas provide outside dining and entertaining areas, psykologidagene back-dropped by expansive windows which flood the interior with natural light. Deeply cushioned chairs and sofas, oodles of books, and splashes of color make this a coveted destination for Bergen and Rose. The texture is an important ingredient here, carpets, wall hangings, and draperies, though never heavy, add warmth and scale to what could be a voluminous building. Carefully selected accessories complement and add interest throughout a home that oozes style, but one that beckons you to interact and luxuriate in it.

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