Will Online Shopping Outdate Good Old Shopping?

Computers and the Internet have radically changed the face of business of this generation. tampacomputerstore Gone are the days when only multinational companies could introduce their products to a wide consumer base through expensive radio, television and print ads. Now, the playing field is leveled for small and big companies alike. Without spending obscene amounts on advertising, your product or service can now reach an international audience with one mouse click. With the introduction of online stores and e-commerce sites, web entrepreneurs can cut on overhead costs as opposed to physically building a store and more important, people can now shop right in the comfort their very own homes. The Internet has become so ingrained in the way we conduct our purchases that we can seriously question if in the near future, it will indeed have the capacity to outdate good old offline shopping in a brick-and-mortar store.

The answer is no. For one, nothing could every replace actually feeling, touching and smelling the real product. This is a very vital aspect in the shopping experience that online stores simply cannot replicate. Another reason is that the thought of dressing up to go to the mall to splurge (especially on paydays) is stress release to some people. Not all look forward to shopping by looking at a screen and clicking on products that take their fancy. It’s the walk, the scouring around looking for the best bargain and the tired but contented plop at the food court that encourages people to go to the mall to shop. Last but not the least, security issues that involve personal and credit card information discourages others from going online for their purchases. Systems that guard against these should be foolproof before wary shoppers can totally be encouraged to shop online.

While online shopping will not outdate real good old shopping, wavetaxi it can do a lot to enhance it and make the industry competitive. Online stores of retail outlets can introduce new products or services to its clients and other prospective shoppers. Discount coupons can be downloaded online and used in the store as well. In the past, it’s easy for businesses to get complacent because they know that people have no other choice but to go to their stores. But with web commerce, industries-big or small-have to keep up with the current trends or bust. Now consumers have literally a thousand choices in their hands and if real brick and mortar stores don’t compete, then they could easily lose patronage. For the customer, one added benefit is the knowledge and convenience of still being able to do some shopping at those moments when you don’t want to go out of the house.


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