Spend Labor Day In Las Vegas And Add On An Exhilarating Helicopter Tour Of The Grand Canyon

It’s almost Labor Day and you don’t want to put off making plans too much longer. Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer, so you don’t want to miss the chance to take a fun trip over the long weekend, and a good place to do that is at the Grand Canyon. The best way to tour the Canyon is by helicopter for a sightseeing adventure you’ll never forget. However, these tours are very popular, especially during the busy summer season, puertomaldonadotours so you want to book your tour as soon as possible before it fills up.

Tours Go To The West Rim Or South Rim

Tours that fly over the South Rim depart from Tusayan in Arizona, while helicopter flights of the West Rim depart from Vegas. The basic helicopter tours lift off from an airfield in Boulder City just outside of Vegas, while the deluxe tours take off more conveniently from The Strip.

There are advantages to taking a Vegas tour. The Vegas tours are the only ones that can land at the Canyon since the West Rim is the only part of the Canyon where it is allowed, so this means you can land on the bottom of the Canyon or on top of the rim. However, you don’t have to book a landing tour since there are also air-only Vegas tours of the Canyon. These tours give you a bird’s eye view of the West Rim and it’s main attractions, and also includes a flyover of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead in a round trip that doesn’t make a stop at the Canyon.

Also, you’ll want to note that the helicopters that take off from Vegas only fly to the West Rim. You can tour the South Rim if you’re staying in Vegas, sport tape but you’ll need to fly to Tusayan by airplane first since it is too far for the Vegas choppers to make the return trip.

Vegas Landing Tours To The West Rim

The first choice you have to make when you book a landing tour is whether you want to land on the bottom of the Canyon, on top of the rim, or do a combination of the two.

A bottom landing tour offers plenty of adventure. If you want to fly to the Canyon floor, be sure to book a Champagne Picnic package. You’ll get to take a thrilling 3500 foot descent flight down to the bottom of the Canyon. The tour also comes with a picnic, Champagne toast, and the chance to take a float along the smooth waters of the Colorado River.

The top of the rim has adventure too in the form of scenic walking trails, lookout points, and the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a huge glass bridge that has a transparent floor. It lets you stand on a plate of glass that’s suspended 4000 feet above the bottom of the Canyon and 70 feet beyond the edge of the rim. You definitely want to experience the Skywalk if you visit the top of the rim, it is something you’ll never forget.

Touring The South Rim

The South Rim of the Canyon has two helicopter tours available. One tour gives you 30 minutes of air time flying over the remote lands between the South and North Rims. The second tour is an extended version of the first one, and it is actually a better value. It flies along the same route as the first tour and then adds on a jaunt over to the eastern edge of the National Park. The extended tour lets you have an aerial view of about 75 percent of the National Park. The tour does cost a little more, but it is worth it. Jeeter

Booking Your Tour

Labor Day is a busy travel holiday with everyone trying to squeeze in one last adventure of the summer, so you need to book your tour as soon as possible. The best way to book your tour is to do it online with your credit card. Buying online lets you use the low Internet rate, plus you will instantly secure your place on the tour.

In addition, you need to pick between a deluxe tour and a basic tour. The least expensive option is the basic tour, but if you have the room in your budget, you may want to upgrade to deluxe. The extra price of the deluxe tour brings you some nice perks. The deluxe tours are very convenient because the lift off from a helipad on The Strip, which is near all the main hotels, and you’ll even get pickup and drop off service in a limousine. You’ll get a fantastic aerial view of Vegas since you take off and land on the strip, and the view is striking when you fly at sunset when the lights of the city are ablaze. The best thing of all about flying deluxe is you fly on an EcoStar chopper, which is a lot roomier and quieter the basic Bell Ranger, plus the seats are arranged so no one has a bad view out of the massive panoramic viewing window.


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