The Mindset of a Champion – No Days Off

If you have to get something done that day, Apostille NYC do whatever it takes to show some discipline and complete the said task. If you have to starve yourself from dinner until it’s done, do it. If you have to use the thought of your kid’s well-being, do it. Whatever works, there is no one set way for anyone and you will know what you can personally use as better motivation. In December of 2012 I was watching a speech from Master Lloyd Irvin, Fight Night Champion PC coach of several elite UFC fighters and well-known in the Mixed Martial Arts world. He was talking about reasons why he is so successful at marketing his brand and products and mentioned that he’s disgusted with himself if he does not get done that day what he needed or intended to. You have to develop that mind-set. No days off. When you’re on a mission to serve your true purpose, you won’t want days off. mobile car detailing phoenix

Side-note: If you are begging for days off, you are not serving your ultimate purpose. Master Lloyd went on to talk about a fighter of his named Alexander Gustafsen. The night before this speech was being given, Master Lloyd had been in Alex’s corner for the biggest fight of Alex’s career so far. Alex was called in from the UFC to face Mauricio Shogun Hua, one of the most feared legends in Mixed Martial Arts, to fight for the Number One Contender spot in the UFC. Alex walked away with a victory that night and instead of going nuts and over-celebrating, Alex immediately began to focus in on his next opponent, Dubai Web Design Company the Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC in Jon Jones. He had just won the single biggest fight of his career but because of the fact that a storm was ahead of him, he had put bigger and better plans in place so that he could never quit the mind-set of a champion. Alex took the week off from training for his body to heal, but mentally, not a single minute was wasted.

Understand that if your intentions and your sights set in on a certain path, and you’re following that path at a fast pace, you won’t have time to look over your shoulder at what other people are thinking or where they are pointing the blame. You won’t have time to care about what others think. Fact, most people that point a finger at you can point right back at themselves with their thumb anyway. They could count 100 things wrong to your one because those who are truly serving their purpose (which comes from serving others) don’t point the finger. Take responsibility. Be the type to say “give me the damn ball, I’m making this happen.” When you do, the only fingers pointed at you will belong to those saying “wow, look at that guy/girl go,” no matter what the outcome. If I was a head coach, I’d take the losing team that gave 100% through the 4th quarter with every player over the winning team that slacked. Every time.

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