The Hidden Spirit and Mind Connection to Eliminating Stress

We all suffer from stress; some more than others. There are countless techniques for coping with stress. Unfortunately, none address the metaphysical fact associated with it. Your physical mind is simply not designed to be used the way society compels you to use it. ideasandmind

Today we take great pleasure in the opportunity to share with you the truth of spirit and mind cooperation. Your physical body is all about evaluating and experiencing the “now”. Your spirit or higher mind is all about the details for bringing about the opportunities to fulfill your preferences for experience. The two have always been about working together in harmony and continue to do so quite effectively.

You might respond to this information by saying: My experience has not been terribly gratifying, so I don’t think the duo is working quite right for me. Actually, the mechanism is not broken. In fact, it’s quite impossible for it to be broken. What’s happening is you have chosen to forget how to appropriately use it. Understanding the function of your creative potential is everything in reducing and even eliminating stress from your life.

Addressing the challenge before you requires determination and great passion. All of us have lived dysfunctional for so long that simply being told a step-by-step appropriate plan of action leads only to frustration and reinforcement for disbelief. We are actually talking about a fundamental paradigm change in how you perceive everything. This can come as easily as just choosing to flip the “on” switch. Unfortunately, ideashackers your investments in your present experience have to be let go of and released in order for you to even begin to contemplate the reality of your situation. It is time to celebrate in the acknowledgment that society has got it all wrong. I say celebrate because until you acknowledge that what we’ve all been doing doesn’t work you cannot even begin to entertain the idea of something better.

The good news is once one chooses to move towards their new paradigm the gnosis of oneness abounds. What we mean by this is that there is no problem to be solved… only a door within you to be opened. All of humanity, all of society, all human experience emenates from within you. As preposterous as it sounds, it is actually the key to simplifying the changes in your life.


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