The Joker Fancy Dress Costume

Halloween or any fancy dress party is an exciting time. But who do you go as? Your straining your brain cells because you really want to do something different. Well a Joker fancy dress costume is about as good as it gets. Now realise I am talking specifically about the Joker played by Heath Ledger in the Batman Movie, arianm The Dark Knight.

What makes the Joker one of the greatest fancy dress costumes out there to date? Well if you get into the spirit of the character he’s a blast to play. asia999

Over flowing with an immense amount of evil the Joker is one of those special characters, a character that once you experience his presence you never forget it. He is brimming full of evil sarcasm. But what makes his actions seem even more horrifying is the fact he cannot hide his glee of the devastation and horrors he rains down on the people of Gotham city. mandaltempotraveller

This character was purpose made for a Halloween fancy dress party, he couldn’t be more fitting. Throw away that old Frankenstein suit pull on that purple jacket, paint your face white, go mad with the wife’s lip stick and slap on a wild mopped wig and your away to go. Your ready to quote that unforgettable line “Why so serious?” shoplocalgta

If you do decide to wear a Joker fancy dress costume you really should watch the movie the Dark Knight. But you should also know a little more about the Joker. He does not own any form of super power, but he is highly intelligent, his mentality is completely unstable and he is bordering on insanity, he is both mischievous and brutal. He is the Batman’s arch enemy, but more than that he is his exact opposite. actualidad-logistica

For full effect and if you are going to a party with a group, get someone else to dress up as batman and you will have an awesome impact when you enter, even better if you get into the role and put a touch of madness to your Joker fancy dress set up. netnaijas


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