How To Create A Great French Kitchen

No holds barred the charm of this style of decor shines through the ages, bar trivia company new york the smell of the wood, the gray hue of ashes on the andirons, the aroma of fresh-baked bread left on a marble countertop to cool. This is the type of love and liveliness decorators desire to capture and make part of their everyday lives. No other scheme convey ideas of love any better than a French kitchen.

The dream of this theme comes to life with a magic that is warm and inviting it’s a greatness that can be felt, and incorporates mixing the old style with modern trends, or warm colors and bistro styles. Baked bars carts

To capture the greatness of this style decorators must control the color choices and creat with discipline, to give life to your theme begin decorating the walls or the cupboards first. Consider using warm colors of paints for the walls that are warm and inviting. Colors used in this style are like a splendid torch, being passed through the generations and they include warm yellows, rustic reds, cobalt blue, white, and forest greens. The color chosen depends on the choice of the decorator.

Another idea is to use decoration tile under the cupboards and above the stove, consider black and white diamond designs or beige colored tiles. side hustle stack

For a great French kitchen total involvement is necessary, so take the initiative to stain and pickle your pine cupboards to create a rustic feel. With this scheme stress on making the cupboards stand out. If you decide against buying new cupboards or staining, then consider removing your cupboard doors and hiring a wood worker to engrave or add a design to your cupboard doors. Remember when staining that the cupboards should very light, so that your decoration will appear lighthearted and inviting. To help capture the desired effects in your kitchen, remember there must be a good source of natural as well as artificial lighting, this concept is light will assist creating a lighthearted, warm, home environment. low carb


The modern sleek designs aren’t usually included in this style.A great French kitchen has a feel and appearance that is natural, and a good rule of thumb is to always use natural looking appliances, tables, and decor.

Some other decorating ideas for creating a great French kitchen include granite counter tops, floral arrangements of lavender flowers, in the center of the kitchen use wrought iron chairs surrounding a dark wood kitchen island, wine racks,also consider canisters and decor in the colors of forest green or sunny yellow or poppy red.(kitchen islands include, kitchen carts, butcher blocks, kitchen countertops, work tables,stainless steel tables and carts,utility carts, and also microwave carts.)

Wood gives greatness to this style and is used to craft shelves and pantries, also wood is used to make tools necessary for cooking such as chopping blocks and islands. Wood is anti-microbial and makes an excellent surface for food preparation. Also use wood to liven a color scheme, use wooden countertop, island surfaces, wooden furniture, and also freestanding antique pie safes and shelves. health

Marble is used to make baking stations, perhaps just a portion of the counter in a strategic location out of direct sunlight and the marble will remain cool which will preserve dough used for baking.

In a great French kitchen stone is used in the fireplace hearth to hold heat, and also a stone hearth is a great place to allow bread dough to rise. Stone gives a feeling of warmth, and adds a rustic old-fashioned appearance. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, it is possible to install a stone arch or to build a border along the wall. Blk Kat Carts

We have just had a discussion on how to decorate a great French kitchen. I intended to make clear the greatness on this style and give tips and ideas. Ask yourself should your dream of decorating wait, or should you begin now since you have the secrets? I look forward to future discussions with you on home decor, look for more articles by me and visit my blog.


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