Pros And Cons of “Giving Tips”

The word ‘Tips’ refers to the small amount of money paid to a waiter or bearer in a restaurant or bar. TIPS is considered as the abbreviation for the phrase ‘To Insure Preferential Service.’ The payment of tips is compulsory in the USA but it is considered an insult in Japan and Hong Kong. Here, the plus and minus aspects of tips are discussed. ternak303

Paying tips must be voluntary because, it’s a reward for the good service rendered. Some firms collect the tips by the name of service charges forming part of the bill while the same is explicitly mentioned by some firms as tips. Many employers pay less to their wait staff as the latter make up the shortfall from the tips. There are instances when the tips paid to the serving staff are more than what the owner earns on each bill. tips303

Many people measure a person’s generosity by the tips paid. This is quite improper as it becomes a judgement of the values. As the tips are given in appreciation of the good service provided by a person, the giver has the discretion to pay or not, and also to determine the size of tips. If the tips are insisted for each service, it loses the character of ‘tips’ itself and becomes a levy to the customer. Moreover, the business stands to suffer from dwindling patronage. ternakslot100

Paying tips to an ineligible person makes him complacent and casual in his job. He ignores the defects in his service but cultivates bias and self-interest towards the customers that pay handsome tips. In an eatery, the waiter returned the tips saying the minimum is so much. During a train journey, the catering servants hurriedly delivered the food much before the scheduled time so that they could leisurely collect the tips. They demanded the tips even though they are on the regular payroll of the employer. The waiter of a hotel behaved indifferently and carelessly for serving the dishes during the entire period of stay. When the last day came to the checkout in the morning, he voluntarily served extra plates of the breakfast anticipating some tips. kotodama


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