Heavy Metals Harmful To Your Health – Can Cause Major Health Problems – How To Detox

It has been found recently that soils tainted with heavy metals from industrial pollution and sewage sludge may poison organisms that live in the soil far more than thought. The finding raises fears that unexpectedly high levels of toxins are getting into the food chain, says Environmental Science and Technology. Heavy metals are thought to bind tightly to soils, which would make them readily available to the plants growing in those soils. This suggests that heavy metals could be more bioavailable to the food chain. There are those that do not agree with this study.

To date, there are over 65,000 toxic chemicals being dumped into our environment. Toxins are everywhere in the world in which we live, even found in unborn children, according to a 2004 study done by the Environmental Working Group. Many of these toxins are known to cause cancer. Many more are toxic to the brain and nervous system. Cadmium, a toxic metal can cause kidney damage. Heavy News

Urine samples from hundreds of children show a link between autism and exposure to heavy metals.

Samples from children with autism contained abnormally high levels of a family of proteins called porphyrins, which are precursors in the production of heme, the oxygen-carrying component in hemoglobin. Heavy metals block heme production, causing porphyrins to accumulate in urine.

Detoxification of heavy metals as a treatment of autism and other major health concerns is showing promise. Drug companies are at work now producing drugs that rid the body of heavy metals. All drugs have side effects. There is good news however.

Liquid zeolite is a natural and very thorough way of removing heavy metals from the body. Zeolite is a mineral with a negative charge. Heavy metals have positive charges. Basic science tells us that opposite charges attract. Zeolite has a honeycomb structure, which attracts and traps positively charged heavy metals into it structure and removes them completely from the body. How simple is that! All done by nature.


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