Are You Paying For Online Marketing & Have No Idea What You Are Getting Or If It’s Working For You?

Many Big Phone book companies and others who say the can deliver online results to your website, and charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for marketing fall short and can be drastically hurting your business. Yes, after years of meeting with hundreds of clients I never stop being amazed at the ludicrous online marketing practices and advice provided to these companies.

The main reason for this outrageous travesty is the complexity of online search and the lack of knowledge or abilities to take the necessary steps to generate leads and business online. Putting this into perspective, the building of your website and implementing the correct online marketing is like trying to solve the Rubix cube without directions. If you were given a quick demonstration of how to solve the Rubix Cube and then left alone could you actually do it? Would you attempt to keep trying on your own, or ask for assistance, maybe from someone who does not have the knowledge to solve it? I use the Rubix Cube because it illustrates the true complexity of what is involved to do online marketing the effectively. Without knowing the many different aspects and pieces involved with making your online marketing work to your advantage, you will not have an effective online marketing campaign and solve the puzzle.

There are some areas to consider before attempting an online marketing campaign. The first thing is to find an internet/online unbiased partner such as Higher Images that can assist you in all your online marketing advertising. Often times we come across businesses that are paying multiple phone book companies and online directories to purchase the same keywords online. We have seen companies waste a tremendous amount of money and opportunity, not understanding that they are wasting their money. A good deal of the people selling these online marketing programs care only care about getting another monthly ad budget, they are not concerned with seeing if you are already running keywords with someone else. Another tip is not to be misled by a company offering a free website just to get your business. pittsburgh seo company

Often times these websites are not yours and will cost big money in the long run; not owning and having full control of your site will eventually lead to disaster and lost opportunities. Next, maintain control and ownership of your domain name. Often times many companies purchase your domain name and provide free or very low cost websites to keep a client captive. It is not uncommon for our company to have to fight for weeks, sometimes months, and on occasion years to get control and ownership of domain names and websites/content for our clients.

I listed only three of the hundreds of factors and pieces that need to go into your online marketing and presence. I hope to stress the importance of working with a company that truly understands your company goals and objectives and what you need to accomplish online, and to know the different options and what is available to achieve those goals online.


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