Reason Why There Is No Such Thing As a Fair Street Fight

Fighting fair?

Why do people expect that street fighters will fight fair? In my experience, no one fights fair outside a martial art tournament, and all bodyguards need to learn this fact fast.

Why street fighters aren’t fair

First off, they clearly weren’t taught the rules of fighting in the first place. It is common sense that anyone fighting without using a style or technique, has not been taught the ‘rules’ so to speak.

1. They are Brawlers not technical

Because street fighters have no techniques they rely on any application of force that will have immediate effects to end the fight as quickly as possible. This results in basic instinct type street fighting with assaults aimed wildly at groins and heads.

2. Try to win before getting hit back

This is commonly called a ‘king hit’ type attack when the street fighter wants to initiate the assault with a surprise or sudden attack on your head. Usually used with an object for maximum effect. In my experience this is often a beer bottle when in clubs, as a weaker foe tries to ambush the stronger threat with a blitz attack.

They do this because they feel the opponent would beat them in a fair fight, so resort to unfair attacks.

3. First blood often wins

In most serious fights, the first person to have a wound that bleeds will lose the psychological and physical battle. This is why street fighters try and inflict the first cut no matter how it is achieved. I have seen small razors hidden in clothing designed to slash a face or arm and start bleeding to make the victim end the fight early and seek treatment.

A trained fighter is expecting to be injured in a real fight and will continue until the threat is stopped before seeking treatment. A street fighter thinks you are like them and will retreat the moment you are cut. Winfair88

4. Movies & Games are not real

Trained fighters know that the fight scenes in movies don’t really work that way and understand how to control the adrenalin that rushes in during a fight.

The street fighter has no training, but has seen lots of fight scenes. So the moment adrenalin kicks in, fine motor skills disappear, leaving the street fighter with only the movie techniques to rely on.

The street fighter thinks kicking a person in the groin will end the fight. In most cases, this doesn’t happen as the kick is ill-timed or the victim can absorb the pain briefly and defend themselves quickly.

5. Fighting is the very last resort

Trained fighters know the effects of real techniques and understand the risk of serious injury from getting into a fight on the streets.

A street fighter has no real understanding of the results of being in a fight, are often intoxicated when they start one, and driven by social peer pressure to win.

With no command of their intelligent responses and lack of trained moves it is no surprise that they will not fight fair. In their mind, to win is the important thing and if they are too lazy to go to training they will take shortcuts.

This is why there is increasing use of knives being used in street fights. They need to restore the balance of power between untrained fighters with low self confidence against people they feel intimidated by.

If you find yourself in a street fight, the odds are that the attacker is not trained and will be carrying some form of power balance object. This is because trained fighters are not likely to start the fight with you in the first place.


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