Advertise and Market Your Pizza Business Online

In today’s internet world there is only one way to get more people into your shop buying your pizza pie’s and that is with a website. If you do not have a website for your pizza company you’re not going to reach 70% of all the people near your shop looking for you.

The internet is a social place, there are more people online than ever before and they all talk to each other online every day comparing pizza and food and products of all sorts. If you really want to reach out to your local community then a website is what you need and you need to make it user friendly. So you just can’t have some pictures and text anymore, Pizza near me if you really want to reach out to all the people near your store that are shopping online for pizza or pizza delivery there are some key elements you will need on your website.

1. A Menu

A menu is the most important tool to have on your site. It should include pictures of all your food and I mean make me hungry for your food with your pictures. Do not just trow up general pictures found all over the web. Take a picture of your own creations and make them look delicious. You should also have a description and pricing of each item wright next to each picture so we can order each item as it compels us. Remember to change your pricing on the site if your prices change in the store, people hate not knowing the exact price of an item. Make sure your menu is clear and up to date and most importantly make sure your clients can find it on the main website home page.

2. A Map

A map of your service area helps your clients know immediately if they called the correct place saving both you and the customer time and money. Google Maps is easy to install and will also help you get listed on some of the search engines. I am sure you rather take orders for food in your service area than tell people were and who to call all day long.

3. Online Ordering

Online Ordering is becoming an invaluable tool. Humans are lazy and they want fast and now all at once. If your customer is online and thinks about getting pizza you better have the ability to take his order directly from the menu and get his food to him in a short time or he will turn to your competitor just down the street or just a click away.

4. Coupons

Coupons are a huge draw for people on a budget and in this economy that is every customer you have. There is not one person out online not looking for a coupon and sometimes a dollar off is all the push they need to come to you instead of your competition.

These are just a couple of elements that are invaluable to any pizza business looking to advertise and market their shop. A website has to have a lot more sections and other things on it but these are the ones that will keep your customers coming back. Remember to use the social places your customers are on in order to reach them. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter are just the tip of the iceberg. Create accounts on each one and tell people how it’s going with your company, this is also a great place to put your coupons. You must also remember that just because you build it does not mean they will find it. Submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other directories once you finish it so the search engines and your clients can find you.


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