Pet Memories Forever: A Must See New Product for the Pet Lover

Anyone that has a beautiful pet, has had a beautiful pet or knows of someone who cherishes their pet could be very interested in a range of products that have hit the market. If you have access to a camera both standard or digital (or photographs) and you have access to a computer and the internet and you love or know of someone that loves pets,


There is a wonderful variety of products that can be purchased via the Internet with simple download (and standard posting) pet memorial painting and ordering steps to take your favourite photo’s and turn them into a selection of personalised products, at very affordable prices.

For people who love their pets, this is a great way to take advantage of all those great pet photos you have taken over the years. Sadly for some, a pet that has passed away can be so badly missed that something like a cushion for instance, with the pet printed on it can really be of comfort.

The type of products available range from things like cushions, bags to canvas box framed prints. Another product that’s available is a technique that can change a photo into what looks just like a painting, (Each photo is transformed individually with different processes used depending on the style of the photo). These paintings are then printed onto canvas, presenting just as if you had commissioned an artist to paint a still life of your pet but at a fraction of the price.(Don’t tell and who would know?)They really do look that good.

For those of you that love animals, love to be surrounded by pictures, furnishings and products of animals. Why have someone else’s pet on display when you can have your own beloved pet/pets, captured for life with the memory of how much they really mean or meant to you. So if you are looking for yourself or for a gift, try something new and use your own pet memories to create that special product that will have true meaning to you or a friend/family member for years to come.


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