Legally Remove Any Derogatory Information From Your Credit Report No Matter What It Is About

Legally removing derogatory information from your credit report is just as easy as removing a credit card debt from a card company. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, write-offs or anything that can be printed on a credit report can be removed forever. Yes, you would think with of all the hype on the Internet about how to beg the reporting agencies to remove something and increase your FICO score it would be a big deal but nothing is further from the truth! QBF scheme

Even the FTC website warns consumers “don’t turn credit repair into despair” which you can see for yourself using any search engine. It’s true that companies charge big fees stating they can remove all derogatory information by writing letters to get the item removed. They figure if they harass the reporting agencies long enough they’ll finally give in and take the item off.

You can use the search term “FCRA section 609 2(E)” and read the exact law stating “a statement that a consumer reporting agency is not required to remove accurate derogatory information from the file of a consumer, unless the information is outdated under section 605 or cannot be verified.” The key word is verified. Your signature on a contract or even a piece of paper that looks official does not exist. fivem host

Since there is no “verification” in existence at any reporting agency why doesn’t everyone immediately demand verification and have the item removed? These reporting agencies have received many hundreds of thousands of written verification demands and you can expect to receive a letter from them telling you they’ll look into it. You may do this many times and receive the same reply.

There is some psychology involved here. Reporting agencies are like debt collectors. They believe they are the saviors of mankind by keeping you honest. But, their sole purpose of existence is to take money from you. Collectors take your money because you don’t know the law or are stating it incorrectly. Reporting agencies take money from financial institutions based on the word of other financial institutions and once again it’s because even if you do know the law its how you’re stating it that is the problem.

You will need a letter writing campaign where you begin telling the reporting agency you are aware of section 609 requiring verification for a particular item on the report. Ask for verification of the disputed item. You will get the first letter from them advising that they are taking your request into consideration. After you receive their response letter you begin your second letter stating this is your second request for removal of the item and their response has been unsatisfactory because no verification has been presented to you.

An additional three letters from you stating your dissatisfaction with their inaction on providing the verification using progressively demanding language on your part will establish beyond a shadow of doubt that you have made demands and no action has been taken. Your sixth letter will do the trick.

Your sixth and final letter should state that you are totally dissatisfied and disgusted with their total failure to remove the item under federal law contained in section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you have no choice but to seek legal action against them. This will trip the trigger. Your previous letters establish proof that you have repeatedly sought this legal remedy and your sixth letter tells them you are now ready to take legal action.

The item will be removed because they will face a $1000 fine in addition to paying your attorney fees. The fact that you have spent six months demanding verification when none existed shows you are persistent and knowledgeable of the legal system. They will believe you when you threaten legal action and to save money in a court action which they could not win will force them to remove item.

Legally removing derogatory information from your credit report is a matter of proving to the reporting agency you are knowledgeable, career opportunities have no fear of them and are going to use your legal rights to have the item removed at their expense. They will never report that item again! The only other thing you need to know is you can only dispute 22 cards at a time by law if you have that many.



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