SEO Through Social Media – Time To Look Beyond FB And Twitter

Many persons make the mistake of presuming that popularizing their website on social media involves nothing more than creating a Facebook page and a Twitter profile. These websites are very popular but there are many other social media websites that can help you spread word about your website and attract targeted traffic. It is important to choose the right social networking profile consisting of the right websites. Focusing on the wrong set of websites can lead to a low ROI on your SEO efforts. pg79


If you have a website related to finances or any other niche where technical expertise is essential, then you can make use of Quora to establish your reputation as an expert in your field. Quora is not a standard social networking website. Rather, it is a website where people can upload queries and seek answers from experts. Unlike Yahoo, the answers are provided by those who are experts in their field. In many cases, the answers to technical questions may be as big as a standard blog post. pg79th

You can provide your suggestions and answers to specific queries and spread word that you are qualified to be called an expert in your niche. You cannot expect your answers on Quora to convert your website into the next big thing overnight. However, given adequate time, you will be in a position to leverage this reputation to attract qualified traffic to your website.

Make sure you give this option a serious try if you want to set up a social networking base that goes beyond Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. blowie


If your target audience is younger and web friendly, then you should consider making use of Tumblr to popularize your website. Tumblr is a micro-blogging website that lets users share content with others. This website receives a huge volume of traffic on a daily basis. Establishing a reputation on Tumblr and diverting a small percentage of this traffic to your website can make a huge difference to your popularity. Considering the huge volume of traffic involved, you will have to provide high-quality content in a consistent manner over long durations to establish your reputation. However, the combination of Quora and Tumblr should help you make smart use of social media in your SEO activities.


Another useful option is StumbleUpon. As the name suggests, this website lets you stumble upon interesting websites related to your area of interest. You will have to convince users of StumbleUpon to recommend your website to other users. As your website’s popularity increases, more and more people will stumble upon the same. It may not be possible to measure the traffic you receive from this website. However, this is a very useful option to capture a floating target audience that does not make use of traditional and conventional social media websites when searching for something interesting on the Internet. quoras

You must have probably realized by now that there is a lot more to the world of social networking than a couple of popular websites. You will have to make your choice after analyzing your target audience, their social networking habits and your requirements. Do not be in a hurry to follow the traditional and conventional approach towards SEO and social media marketing.


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