How to Get Free Bets

What are free bets?

Free bets are where online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks and gaming sites offer you the chance to play for real money without a deposit. These bets cost you nothing to wager but have the potential of winning real money for you.

Companies offer these freebies as they attract new customers to their site who will then try their software and play their games. They hope that once you have used up the free money you will deposit more as you enjoyed the experience so much.

How to claim

In order to claim these bonuses you must first register on the site, usually you will also need to be referred by a preferred partner of the gaming company. These sites will offer a list of free bets for you chose from, explaining the benefits of each and what conditions may or may not apply.

It is important to go over all of these offers carefully as some may have certain conditions which prevent you claiming the freebie until you have deposited, while others will limit the size of the win possible with a free bet. A good site partners will explain these upfront to avoid disappointment. Freebie websites tend to have the fairest breakdowns as they rely on their community to join all their recommendations. freebet

What companies offer free bets?

Nearly every online casino, poker room, sportsbook or gaming site will offer a free money freebie in one form or another. Online casinos offer most varieties of freebies as they offer the biggest selection of games. The minimum you can expect to receive is a deposit bonus – this is where the site will match whatever you have deposited. For example, if you join an online casino and deposit £20 the casino will give you an extra £20 free as a welcome or first time deposit bonus. Lately the biggest casinos have been offering completely free bets to new players and first deposit bonuses.

Online poker rooms usually offer extremely generous first deposit bonuses, anywhere up to 500% so you can play with that money and withdraw your original deposit.

Gaming sites were the original ones to offer unconditional free bets. Online slot machines or scratch cards would offer a small amount of free money, such as £10, as their games were small stakes but high volume. Players quickly spend the free bet but also have a good chance of small wins. As freebies go

Where ever you decide to play with your free bets remember that gambling can be an addiction and should be monitored. When enjoyed in moderation, online gambling can be an incredibly fun (and rewarding) experience.

Joe Walsh works as a consultant on a number of money saving websites including Freetastic [] which offers the UK market a huge selection of freebies, free stuff, voucher codes [] and more. His interest in using gambling sites as a freebie resource started many years ago and he has continued to develop these strategies ever since as the operators introduce more sophisticated player rewards.


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