Dealing With a Pet Portrait Artist

Because of the demand of pet portraits all over the world especially in some cities in the United States, the number of artists with a specialization in pet portraits is also increasing. Actually, getting an artist to create your dreamed pet portraits is not difficult. Thus, it is important to have a good relationship between yourselves to have a clear understanding in the creation of an artwork.

Here below are some tips in dealing with a prospect artist and getting your personal pet portraits in a convenient way:

1. Have A Personal Conversation With An Artist
It is a good idea to speak with your artist to assure yourself that he really has a passion towards his profession especially in painting of pets. This might not be applicable to all cases but the one who loves animals may likely be more appropriate since that he is already equipped with passion on these subjects. A personal conversation might be in the form of personal meeting or a telephone call. Pet Portraits

2. Know The Payment
Mosts artists will ask you to pay twenty to fifty percent of the total price of a portrait. After getting the original pet’s photograph and the payment, your artist will going to work for it and send a draft of the original artwork. You have to approve the final appearance before it is being shipped or delivered right at your doorsteps. Basically, you will be asked to pay for the remaining payment upon the completion of the portrait. To have a further information about the amount you have to set in this product, artists have a variety of available sizes and styles that determine the price of an artwork. You can choose whether you want a head shot, whole body painting or even a multiple animals as subjects on pet portraits. You have also a freedom to choose whether you retain an original background or change for a better one. Your artist will just give a sort of suggestions but you are the one who will decide for your pet portraits.

3. Choose Your Personal Medium
You have to specify the type of medium to be used in your pet portraits. There are lots of media available like acrylic, oil, pastel, watercolor, charcoal or even a colored pencil. Hence, your chosen medium also affects the price of the product. Some media like oil and acrylic may be more expensive but need not to be framed. On the other hand, pet portraits made by watercolor, pastel charcoal and colored pencil need a framing that may oblige you to spend an additional amount. An artist could give you a good suggestion of a frame for your portraits, but then again, you can still practice your right to choose as a costumer of a certain product.

4. Discuss The Time For A Delivery
Maybe you want to have your pet portraits be delivered before your upcoming party. In this connection, you have to discuss it with your artist for him to know your time frame. You should remember that most artists have a lot of clients, so if possible, be early in closing the deal.


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