Online Dating Rules for Women

Few days ago, I was at Starbucks to have a good catch up with my female best friend and she was asking some help about how women should act when dating online. Before I started sharing my knowledge, I asked her to send me her three best photos.

You might wonder why I asked her to do this; it is because we, men, by nature are visual creatures. No matter how interesting your intro is, the first thing that we do when we see your profile is to check how hot you are. Important online dating rules are to choose your best current pictures, do not divulge too much information and many more. You have to keep in mind that every man has a different taste in women and what’s hot for me may not be hot for other men. If you wish to sign up for sites like and POF, consider researching some online dating rules found in magazines, books and dating blogs to add more knowledge about the virtual world. articles about women

Check out these top online dating rules for women I made. I hope these tips will help you succeed in online dating.

1. Pay attention with your pictures. Make sure that you are posting the current ones and never post different photos at once to avoid confusion. Your potential date is going to find out how you look like when you meet each other and it is highly important to tell the truth about your looks.

2. Keep your profile short and straight to the point. Never write your profile that will look like a novel. You should specify what exactly is your body type and age and be honest about it. It is expected that there are lots of women and men as well who are good in lying when it comes to online dating. Make it a rule that if you are seeking for a long term relationship, avoid the white lies.

3. Never tell him that you checked his profile even if you did. You can always say “hi” or “hello” instead of saying, “I’ve read your profile, I also work for Public Office and we seem to have similar interests”. You sound desperate looking for a man with this approach. Just make your first message short and sweet and not creepy.

4. Do not initiate the communication in the first few months. Women always like it when man chases after them. Include in your online dating rules to only respond to emails that he sends you or if his email asks for a questions that needs you to answer it and make it brief. Avoid sending back an email if he sends you a joke or simply say something like “You are so thoughtful. Thank you”.


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